Politeia Review- Online repository

The Politeia, owned by the Higher Institute of Police Sciences and Homeland Security, is an electronic periodical publication aimed at disseminating research and research activities carried out by the scientific community.

A new cycle of the POLITEIA review allows the retaking of the contact, so necessary, between those who write and those who read scientific texts on subjects that interest a growing community of specialists and others concerned with police sciences issues and other sciences related to them.. And the fact is that this community has registered a significant growth on both sides that intertwine (readers and writers). This growth stems from a broad acceptance of the themes of public security in contemporary societies, explained by the centrality that this topic has in everyday life, the fruit of a societal mutation that is important to know and monitor.

This is our purpose, which motivates us to publish. POLITEIA is a scientific journal that has never positioned itself in a restricted, specialized communication logic , exclusively oriented towards a niche of professionals. The very nature of security issues, which is assumed to be interdisciplinary, encourages us to look new horizons, different approaches, and also other means of dissemination. It is with particular satisfaction that the Direction of POLITEIA review now allows access to the your content over the internet.

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